Our building management software has been designed to offer residential block management, delivering a seamless approach to building and property management through a simple and straightforward process.

Statlog has worked with property consultant dhp to develop a solution that meets the needs of this sector, ensuring compliance and successful management across estates, whole portfolios or just one building. dhp have worked with management companies and landlords for over 20 years to deliver professional services, a range of surveys, upgrades and refurbishments. 

Working with dhp, Statlog have ensured that the software has been developed to cater for the requirements and expectations of residential management companies, providing a cost effective, fully auditable and time saving solution.

Designed to be really easy to use, the software can be tailored to each individual building and has simple and secure access across tablet, mobile, laptop and PC. Statlog provides a seamless approach to property management, helping you keep abreast of all statutory compliance and building maintenance.