By partnering with property consultant dhp, Statlog have been able to access the building and property knowledge and expertise required to design a building compliance and management software that is cost effective, simple to use, fully auditable and time saving, thus suiting the needs and requirements of this sector. 

dhp provide a portfolio of over 48 different services to commercial clients, for office, industrial and leisure facilities. In addition to their key interdisciplinary services they complete condition surveys, schedule of conditions, feasibility studies, professional services and CDM Principal Designer for a range of building types. Thus they are highly experienced in understanding the expectations and requirements of managing commercial buildings.

dhp work with some of the UK’s largest commercial organisations delivering consistently high quality solutions in all services, Statlog have utilised this client base to design modules which address specific property tasks and requirements. 

Statlog is a managed software service solution and has been designed to provide a seamless approach to property management through a simple and straightforward process. Designed to be really easy to use, the software has simple and secure access across tablet, mobile, laptop and PC.