The benefits of Statlog® forSite Managers

Statlog® provides strategic compliance assurance, consistent reporting and live information about your school and the projects being run at any time. This will help you to report on issues, to effectively target areas of concern and to raise building management standards.


  • Statlog® provides a simple to use module to assist you with Site Manager Statutory tests. The software allows you to quickly complete tests and inspections on the move (tablet or phone) with automatic and instant paperless recording. Never miss a test; the module guides you through each step, identifies problems and provides solutions. The Statlog® team create a bespoke and ordered testing programme specifically for you, ensuring safety and compliance
  • The Statlog® Specialist Contractor Testing module helps you to maintain a fully compliant statutory testing and premises safety regime. Features include a bespoke reminder service; contractor performance checks; a fully auditable history trail; at a glance live information and full practical guidance
  • Modules guide you through exactly what needs to be checked and tested and walk you through the action to be taken if something is not right. Everything is automatically recorded so you are fully supported and can prove what you have done without argument. In addition, your management will be able to see that you are completing your tasks competently
  • Pro-active backup from the Statlog® team (real knowledgeable people) who are there to support you and are only a phone call or email away

Smaller Building Projectsand day to day maintenance in your schools

  • You can safely self-manage simple building projects and maintenance tasks empowered by Statlog®. Be confident that you and those you employ are competent for each task, safe in the knowledge that Statlog® will prompt you to seek help where there is doubt. The system provides a mandatory framework for you to follow ensuring that appropriate projects are being actioned; health and safety is being considered as a priority; procurement is compliant; suitable and competent contractors are used and that project out-comes meet appropriate standards
  • The Statlog® Contractor Database allows you to quickly find and contact suitable, recommended and vetted contractors. The module allows any search combination of trade, location, rating, value, name, accreditations, licenses, DBS vetted staff and response times. Save your favourite contractors for quick and easy future reference. Rate contractors and provide feedback. Be confident that the contractors you are employing are competent and suitable for tasks being undertaken