The benefits of Statlog® forMATs, Diocese and LAs

Statlog® provides strategic compliance assurance, consistent reporting and live information about your schools, and the projects being run at any time. This will enable and assist you to report on strategic issues, to effectively target areas of concern and to raise building management standards.


  • Provides simple, concise strategic compliance oversight and live reporting from your entire portfolio; see and quickly target significant issues. A full audit trail provides assurance and a complete compliance record. You can be sure that your schools are meeting the legally required premises compliance standards and that your premises are safe to use

Capital Funding Management

  • Includes a data collection tool that can be used to gain a clear picture of the investment needed throughout your portfolio. Objective project-based need assessments and prioritisation ensure funding can be allocated fairly, independently and transparently
  • Ensures that funding is; allocated appropriately to the most urgent needs, spent efficiently, fully accounted for and that a full audit trail exists showing what was spent, why, by whom, and when
  • Provides DfE funding assurance returns at appropriate intervals
  • Empowers the entire project team with appropriate checks and balances

Larger Building Projects

  • Provides live project information at a glance; see where each project is and review budget, programme or other issues. Draw down on the details for individual projects to quickly achieve a deep understanding of the need being addressed, the solution being implemented, the funding allocated, and exactly how the project is being procured and delivered
  • Ensures appropriate funding allocation, procurement protocols, health and safety management, contractor and consultant selection, and project delivery are being achieved efficiently and effectively
  • Facilitates access to appropriate live information for all project stakeholders, including project specific checks and balances

Smaller Building Projectsand day to day maintenance being self-managed by your schools

  • Allow schools to self-manage small, simple building projects and maintenance tasks. Be confident that your schools and those they employ are competent for each task and are asked to seek help where there is doubt. The system provides a mandatory framework for schools to follow ensuring that; appropriate projects are being actioned; health and safety is being considered as a priority; procurement is compliant; suitable and competent contractors are used and that project out-comes meet appropriate standards