About Statlog


Statlog is a true and total end to end managed software solution providing full premises compliance and management. The cloud based platform provides a suite of modules to manage buildings, sites or whole portfolios.

Statlog brings together everything you need to safely and simply manage your premises, helping to manage risk, health, safety and compliance. The software is fully reportable and auditable, providing live building data.

Statlog is tailored to each individual site and user and remains fully customisable.

An intuitive system with built in intelligence Statlog is simple to use, cost effective and time saving.


External setup team
Automated testing process
Easy to use
Ensures compliance
Manages and reduces risk
Time saving and convenient
Increases consistency
Vetted and rated contractors
Simple property management
Log tests and manage faults
Supported by the Statlog team


As the complete building management tool Statlog is essential for all those managing premises.

If you allocate capital funding, need to ensure statutory compliance over a single building, whole estate or portfolio, Statlog is the software of choice.

Whether you are responsible for local premises management or you undertake specific property tasks, Statlog will assist.

With the support of the Statlog team and with access to a team of professional building consultants, Statlog is the perfect assistant. 

Where more than one person is responsible for managing a site or if you have a portfolio of properties, Statlog provides one uniform solution across the entire site or portfolio, increasing consistency and reducing errors.