A COMPLETE SOLUTION intuitive and seamless

Statlog is a true and total end to end managed software solution providing complete building and compliance management. 

The cloud based platform provides a simple to use suite of modules, to manage buildings, sites or whole portfolios, with the additional support of the Statlog team.

Developed with RICS, CIBSE and RIBA accredited property consultants the software has been designed with practical property management experience. 

Whether you need to ensure statutory compliance over a whole estate or portfolio, you are responsible for local management or you are a fund holder, Statlog is the perfect assistant for everyone.

TOTAL RISK MANAGEMENT responsive and secure

The easy and intuitive software is unique in that it is supported by a proactive facilities management team, innovative software developers and a team of property professionals. 

Statlog reduces risk, providing a seamless approach to building and compliance management for any sector. Statlog intelligence identifies, assesses, manages, monitors and reports on all areas of building and compliance management, focusing teams on the important tasks and successfully controlling risk,

The software is supported on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop for simple and effective risk management.